Aviano Primary School

2017 | Aviano | Italy

Concorso “Scuole Innovative”

with arch. Stefania Lovisotto
arch. Aldo Lovisotto
arch. Maurizio Brufatto
arch. Enrico Periotto

We designed this school building to allow a live-in space where architecture and pedagogy can confront each other, to question their languages and to become aware of the space, which becomes key in building adult-child relationships.

This search for a balance between private, semi-private and public spaces, and their both material and perceptive characterisation, has driven our design towards a permeable and energy-efficient building, which can be felt in its entirety, keeping the interior and the exterior connected, meeting the need for an expanded educational purpose, ideal for socializing, putting together the different actors such as families, administrations and local associations: a school which isn’t only a didactic area, but also a playground for extracurricular socialisation, with a keen eye on open spaces and the best solutions for children.