Bree e Onda

Riva Industria Mobili SpA
Produced by Riva 1920 Spa
2014 | Cantù (CO) | Italy

Winner of “G.B. Grattoni” Project

with arch. Marco Savorgnani

The Bree-e-Onda table, designed together with the Architect Marco Savorgnani, is the winner of the competition “Progetto Giovanni Battista Grattoni” promoted by Casabella, a furniture company in Pavia di Udine and Riva Industria Mobili SPA, a company based in Cantù. The award was an idea of Giovanni Battista Grattoni’s sons to honour him, as the company’s founder and the wood craftsman, by stimulating the under 29-year old- generation of designers to try their hand at designing and making a product from scratch.

Bree-e-Onda synthetically represents the challenge between Tradition and Innovation. It aimed at creating a new innovative match between wood, a traditional, noble, genuine material, and Corian, a new, composite and translucent material, stress-resistant and easily mouldable into sinuous shapes. 

Hence its name: Bree-e-onda, where Bree, in Friulian, means board, table. An iconic local term which means a solid, hieratic material that cannot be reproduced in identical pieces, and which honours the memory of those who have known and have been working it locally for centuries.

Onda means Wave, a word that recalls sinuous and harmonious movements: it represents the Corian, a mouldable, modern and repeatable material.

After hitting the first place in the competition, the table started to be engineered at Riva 1920 Spa in Cantù, and it is now on sale worldwide. Presented at the Cologne International Furniture Fair in 2014 with a top made of Kauri, a thousand-year-old wood, it has subsequently been shown in major design events around the world, from the London Design Week to the first edition of the Milan-Shanghai Furniture Fair as part of the limited selection of representative Italian design pieces.

Awarded the Best of Year Design Award Honoree in New York in 2014, it received an award at the first European Product Design Award promoted by the European Parliament in Brussels in 2017.