Mr. Bio Headquarters

Mister Bio Wine Srl
1200 mq
2020 | Aprilia Marittima – Latisana | Italy

Concorso a Inviti – Finalista

with arch. Chiara Bettuzzi

The organic farm Weldan asked us to sketch a preliminary design for their new headquarters, which they wished to be multipurpose, comfortable and attractive alike.

We were asked to make the synthesis of Organic and Technological.

We started with the functions: first of all, the building had to be both operational and representative. It needed to be a cellar, where to showcase the barrels and barrique, to host a tasting area and to welcome guests with a view of the outdoors.

They wanted to offer hospitality to their customers, with a small number of rooms to stay; also they needed sales offices for visiting customers. 

The project developed by firstly connecting the naturalistic area between a branch of the Tagliamento River and the docks of Aprilia Marittima together with a spot along the only road leading to Lignano Sabbiadoro, to make for a perfect synthesis of a building that hides from the traffic and opens up to nature in the backyard.

Its function as a lantern is magnet-like, especially in the evening, thanks to a permeable wooden skin and a backlit, suspended ceiling above its natural shell.