Piazzale Diacono Housing

Immobili La Fenice Srl
2700 mq
2018 | Udine | Italy

Concorso a Inviti – Finalista

with arch. Chiara Bettuzzi

A residential volumetric unit had to be recovered just outside the ancient walls of Udine.

Inspired, we took part to the Bid for this Housing project in Udine.

The volume optimisation and maximisation assessment was the first step of the property developer, the second being the search for high-quality construction, and the analysis of durable as well as sustainable materials all over the phases of the building’s life cycle.

We combined high environmental and engineering standards, as per our market demands, together with technology and good architectural practices to achieve a low-energy building, low maintenance costs over time and an overall perceived space quality.

Resilience is the ability to positively adapt to change: a concept that apparently does not fit in well with the current concept of buildings, but which will increasingly become one of the key features of construction in the future, given the continuous and increasingly rapid change in the needs of businesses and families.

Needs you can’t live without today, which only 10 years ago didn’t even exist.

This is why the new building complex needs to be flexible enough to change in the simplest and most economical of ways, so as to adapt to our society. In other words, to become a Smart Building.