SPS Offices

Studio Pecile Consulenza Globale
2019 | Udine | Italy

Project and construction supervision

with SB Engineering

Ph. Massimo Crivellari

When renovating this space located in the pedestrian area in the centre of Udine, we focused on balancing the needs for contemporary spaces, technologies, and installations with compliance with the existing historic building.

We chose visually low-impact systems while guaranteeing the comfort of the interiors, and new architectural elements to divide the rooms and to provide acoustic as well as visual ease. By studying the proper lighting we ensured bright spaces and we also valorized the artworks inside. 

We used transparent walls which go opaque when meetings take place and enhanced the existing wooden beams and stone floors, combined with contemporary design objects.

These are only some of the key ingredients of the project, whose result is a functional and elegant space that lives up to Studio Pecile’s fame.