VDT Offices

Dante 16 Avvocati

2016 | Udine | Italy

Project and construction supervision

with SB Engineering

The client required the creation of a multi-disciplinary practice where to deal with several legal matters, in one only building.

At DAIR Architects we first identified a suitably sized space in the city centre, to completely refurbish. 

This renovation project of the existing space involved the 360 all-around refurbishment of the installations, and the creation of a new entrance area, perpendicularly to the existing one.

Also, we designed a waiting and reception lounge from scratch. This change revolutionised the layout of the rooms, opening up to the creation of seven individual offices, a large meeting room and several ancillary technical areas. 

The overall and single lighting system design together with the improvement of the building sound insulation, was decisive in taking the interiors to the next level

We entrusted a London graphic designer for looking into the colours, the materials and the brand identity, which undoubtedly resulted in a new and professional image of the legal practice.